Strategic Objectives

To promote the opportunity for community empowerment in the area.

  • Issuing newsletters
  • Information brochures
  • Having a tenant consultation register
  • Promoting increased membership
  • Customer comment cards
  • Tri Annual customer satisfaction surveys.

To develop and sustain a multi-functional Housing Association.

  • Providing a full range of services delivered by the staff team.
  • Ensuring service is delivered in accordance with best practice requirements.
  • Ensure that we generate sufficient income to cover costs and generate an annual surplus.

To provide a professional service which is responsive and flexible.

  • Setting SMART targets and objectives.
  • Measuring our performance against targets and reporting our performance.
  • Customer comment cards and tri annual surveys.

To manage, protect and maintain the investment which has been committed.

  • Placing a strong emphasis on Estate Management.
  • Pro- active approach.
  • Publishing defined minimum standards we expect to see maintained
  • Running an annual garden competition to encourage and promote community pride.

To operate within the framework of a performance culture and to strive for continual improvement.

  • Strive to meet recognised performance standards.
  • Monitor performance against targets, review and report on our performance.
  • Compare our performance against other Housing Associations/Co-operatives and benchmark against national averages.

To have an effective Asset Management strategy in place to manage and maintain our stock to the highest standards.

  • Carrying out cyclical maintenance and planned renewals.
  • Providing a cost effective and responsive reactive maintenance service.
  • Carry out stock condition surveys every 3 years and update our costed plans and budget projections.