Get Involved - Management Committee

The Role of The Management Committee

The Management Committee work in partnership with the staff to determine how the Association will be run and the staff have responsibility for implementing agreed policies and procedures to ensure that the Association is run properly.

The Management Committee are responsible for ensuring effective governance and will strive to comply with Regulatory standards of Governance and Financial Management in order to demonstrate effective governance, is fit for purpose and delivers intended outcomes for tenants and service users.

Good Governance is a continual ongoing process where performance requires to be demonstrated, substantiated and evidenced in order to ensure compliance.

The Association has a legal requirement to have an effective Management Committee as we could not function or provide services without having a Management Committee in place.

Management Committee Members have a collective responsibility to:

  • Lead and direct the business of the Association
  • Promote and uphold our values
  • Set and monitor service delivery and performance management targets
  • Control our affairs and ensure compliance with Regulatory Standards
  • Review and agree policies and procedures to achieve organisational objectives
  • Approve Annual Budgets exercising effective control over the Association’s financial performance
  • Commit to and uphold the principles of the Association’s Code of Governance
  • Accept and share responsibility for decisions properly taken by the Committee
  • Act in the best interests of the Association and its customers
  • Understand the roles of the Management Committee as an employer of staff, delegate appropriate authority to them while receiving regular and concise reports on targets, variance and trends while recognising the need for ongoing monitoring and review
  • Treat colleagues with respect and foster good working relationships within the committee and between committee and staff

Management Committee Members:

  • Are required to attend up to 11 Management Committee Meetings per year. Meetings are held monthly (with the exception of December.) Meetings usually last a maximum of 2 hours
  • Are expected to read reports which are circulated in advance of meetings.
  • Can attend external training events and conferences

How can I become a Member of the Management Committee?

You require to be a member of the Association before you are eligible to join the Management Committee and all members are required to pay £1 to receive their membership share.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Management Committee we will be happy to make arrangements for you to call into the office for an informal discussion. You will be surprised at how much you will learn and already know and advice and assistance is always at hand if you are ever unsure about anything.